Integration SMSAPI with Foodeliver, Solar CRM and Legally CRM

Published: 2021-05-11 15:04:15


In response to our Customers' expectations, we have introducedSMSAPI integration in our systems. The products in which the integration has been performed are:

  • FooDeliver online ordering system for the food service industry (restaurants, foodtracks, bars, bakeries, pastry shops);
  • SolarCRM a web-based solution for the photovoltaic and installation industry to manage relationships with customers and merchants;
  • LegallyCRM a system for indemnity and law firms (attorneys and counselors) to handle most of their customer service process management needs.

Why did we choose to integrate with SMSAPI in our systems?

Tomasz Socha President of the Management Board of 4B Systems sp. z o.o:
"We have been present in the IT services market for many years, so modern technologies and solutions are not alien to us. By our actions, we strive to offer our Customers modern solutions that facilitate their work. Integration of SMSAPI with our systems is another step towards providing automated and simple forms of contact with the customer base that is present in our systems. SMS sending from our systems is a great time saver for its users."

Functionality available with the SMS dispatch module

  • Foodeliver online ordering system for the food service industry:
    • the ability for the restaurant to contact customers and groups of customers to send discount codes or informational content;
    • generation of marketing content and one-time discount codes to customers as part of marketing plans and loyalty program (SMS campaigns);
    • possibility of internal communication in the restaurant - generating notifications about new orders to the owner, employees, food supplier.
  • Solar CRM system for the photovoltaic and installation industry:
    • easy, simple and, most importantly, fast communication between system users (management, references, clients) - possibility of informing about current activities, changes in case status, etc.
  • Legally CRM system for the legal and compensation industry:
    • the possibility of easy and fast communication between the users of the system (directors, attorneys, references, clients) - the possibility of informing about current activities, changes of the case status, etc.

Foodeliver Integration with SMSAPI

1. In the Settings tab, find and click the Configuration module.

2. Look for the SMS Gateway module.

3. Go to where you previously created an account. In the panel go to API settings and there choose the option API Token.

4. We generate a Token which we then enter in the system in the API Token field.

5. You can define the sender of the message (11 alphanumeric characters).

6. NOTE! SMS messages will display the sender of SMS messages that has been set in the SMSAPI Panel.

Integrating Solar CRM and Legally CRM with SMSAPI

1. Log in to the administrator account. In settings find the option Integration The same for LegallyCRM.

2. Enter the API key generated on the previously created account. Save the changes.

3. Sender field has to be defined on account

4. pl on accounts with granted permission to access the functionality.

Pluses of integration

One of the biggest pluses of integrating IT systems like SolarCRM and LegallyCRM with SMSAPI is simply that it saves time and is convenient to use. The time saved by sending SMS messages from 4B Systems can be used more efficiently. An additional advantage is the ability to quickly view the communication with the customer (sent SMS are saved in the system) - there is no need to check phones and look for the content of text messages.

In the case of the FooDeliver online ordering system, the integration's internal restaurant notification feature is also a plus. In addition, thanks to SMSAPI, the Foodeliver system has powerful marketing features to significantly increase sales and therefore profits. In a few minutes a restaurant can:

  • create a marketing plan that generates automated SMS messages to customers who haven't ordered in a long time with an incentive to buy again;
  • create a marketing plan that generates automated SMS messages to customers who haven't ordered in a long time with an incentive to buy again
  • generate a marketing, information or discount code SMS message to your entire customer base encouraging them to place an order online;
  • create a loyalty plan with conditions under which the system will automatically generate SMS messages with an indicated discount code.

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