Integration of 4B Systems with the online payment operator Tpay

Published: 2021-06-14 15:03:50


As a company working in the IT industry for years, we fully understand the need to develop innovative sales methods and automate the process as much as possible. New technologies allow you to save time, which can be used much more efficiently. In recent years the market of online stores has developed a lot - we can buy clothes, books or toys from the other side of the world. All the more we should be able to order breakfast, lunch, dinner, cake or cake online.

From the need of the market almost a year and a half ago we created a system Foodeliver for online ordering for restaurants and bakeries, which provides convenience and time saving for both customers and catering establishments. We are still working on this product and we aim to develop it in terms of marketing functionalities and to adapt the system also for other industries. However functionality, which was key in Foodeliver system from the beginning is integration with online payment operators. We believe that when selling online you should add an online payment gateway to simplify and shorten the order process. It is also a more secure option than cash flow.

Why are online payments so important in the food service industry?

Both in Foodeliver's online ordering system for bakeries and pastry stores, and for other online stores, the ability to pay through online gateways has a lot of advantages:

  • receiving payment for the order in advance, so you can spend the order without unnecessary steps,
  • convenience and time savings, both for the premises and for customers,
  • increased competitiveness in the local market, because not every restaurant has this option,
  • increased safety - viruses and bacteria are transmitted on cash, which is crucial during a pandemic,
  • the ability to use many different payment methods.

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Tpay online payment provider

Tpay is a product of Krajowy Integrator Payments S.A. from Poznań. Tpay has been on the market for 10 years and supports thousands of online stores. Tpay is well known among people who shop online at Neonet, MediaExpert. We can pay through the Tpay gateway using the services of Nextbike, InPost or PKP. It is safe to say that KIP S.A. cooperates with well-known companies with an established position in the market. Online payment methods available with Tpay include Internet transfers, e-transfers, payment cards, installment payments and mobile payments via QR codes, BLIK and SMS premium. Tpay works with major banks, so online shoppers will have no problem choosing one of the many payment methods available. It also allows payment via BLIK, Google Pay, Visa, or Masterpass.

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The goal of KIP S.A. was, is and will be to create and develop innovative payment systems that would allow people to save time. Nowadays we are busy and never have time for anything. Saving time is therefore priceless. A very important issue is also the security of deposits and collected funds. Tpay provides the highest security standards confirmed by recognized certificates.

How can a restaurant or bakery start online sales with online payments thanks to Foodeliver and Tpay?

We decided to integrate Foodeliver's online ordering system with the payment provider Tpay because we value the same values such as professionalism, process automation, the desire to save time and attention to security. Thanks to this cooperation we can offer our customers very favorable terms of cooperation with Tpay.

Steps to start online sales with online payments:

  1. Implementation of the Foodeliver online ordering system allowing us to offer our bakery or restaurant customers the possibility to buy online.
  2. Implement the Foodeliver online ordering system allowing you to offer your bakery or restaurant customers the opportunity to shop online.
  3. Integration of Foodeliver and Tpay systems. As part of the service, we perform the integration as part of the implementation of the ordering system. However, the restaurant or bakery can perform the integration independently.
    1. In the admin panel of the Foodeliver system in the Payments tab there is a place to enter the data and generated keys from the Tpay panel.
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    2. After entering them, save the changes and enable the payment test. Make a test order with online payment to make sure the integration has gone smoothly.
    3. You can disable the payment test and activate the ability to pay with the Tpay gateway for customers.
  4. Start online sales with the selection of one of many online payment options. The customer can choose to pay via pay-by-link, BLIK or credit card.
  5. A notice will appear in the Foodeliver system that the payment has been credited. All that is left to do is to spend the order.
  6. Possibility to redirect funds on your Tpay account to your company account.

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